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FY 2006 GSU International Strategic Initiatives
Request for Proposals

Proposals submitted in response to this request, as in previous years, must be consistent with the university's Strategic Plan for Internationalizing Education.

The Provost's Office will provide $100,000 from FY 2006 resources to fund successful proposals. Submissions in response to this request are hereby invited. Funds will be allocated on a competitive basis, using the review criteria contained in the international strategic plan and the guidelines for preparing proposals detailed below.

Guidelines for Proposals

Submissions involving more than one college are encouraged. Individual faculty projects are outside the intent of this initiative. Priority will be given to proposals reflecting clear objectives and outcomes consistent with the university's mission and strategic plan. All submissions, small or large, new or on going, must have the signed endorsement of the Dean of the College/School. Proposals must elaborate the program's linkage and relevance to important local, national and global objectives of the university and its external constituencies. Proposals also must: reflect participation of a critical mass of accomplished faculty; be multi-disciplinary; plan to leverage external funding; include plans for integrating proposed activities into teaching, service and/or research; and articulate how distinction will be brought to the university.

International Strategic Initiatives (ISI) Proposals

Submissions should not exceed three single-spaced pages of text and should include the following:

  1. A brief background statement addressing the points above.
  2. A clear statement of the goals, objectives and expected outcomes.
  3. A plan for leveraging external resources including a list of institutions to be targeted.
  4. Plans and likelihood for sustainability and for establishing a long-term relationship. Discuss how the college/university will benefit.
  5. A budget and justification showing how funds will be used and matched from internal or external sources. (Do not include personnel costs. Note that funding must be expended during the fiscal year of the award).
  6. Credentials and experience of participants and other entities involved. Also provide for non-university partners if available.
  7. Curriculum-Vitae.

On-going Programs

A progress report on all submissions for on-going programs must be received prior to or with the submission. Requests for second or third-year funding should include the following information if not included in the recently submitted progress report:

  1. the amount of internal funding received to date and how it was used;
  2. a quantitative statement of the cumulative and annual amount of external resources leveraged with funds from this initiative;
  3. any information available on external funding expected in the future;
  4. a statement of the minimum amount of funds needed to continue the program and achieve its objectives;
  5. a statement estimating when this program will "graduate" and become self-sustaining.

Submission, Review and Approval Timetable

Proposals are due in the Office of International Affairs, Suite 410 10 Park Place, no later than 5:00 p.m. on Monday, August 15, 2005. The Senate Academic Advisory Council on International Education (APACE) will review the proposals. Awards will be announced not later than September 2, 2005.

Recipients are required to submit a brief progress report at the end o the fiscal year. The report should include an assessment of progress towards achieving sustainability, leveraging external funding, and towards meeting the university's international strategic goals. The report should also indicate how the funds were used and assess whether or not additional resources should be invested to achieve the program's objectives.

Request for Proposal

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