Office of International Initiatives

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Pending International Agreements

Please allow a minimum of 8 weeks to process your international agreements. This includes a two-week review by the Office of Legal Affairs.
For follow up, questions or clarification, please contact Ms. Kike Ehigiator at 404-413-2530.
Total Count: 31
Agreement #Agreement NameCountryCollegeProgram Director
0531-GSU-17-A-121316PSA - Initial Agreement for a Faculty and Researcher Exchange with Tianjin University of Science and Technology, TianjinChinaCollege of Arts and SciencesSuri Iyer
0566-GSU-17-A-050217PSA - Initial Agreement for a Dual PhD Program with the University of Rome, RomeItalyCollege of Arts and SciencesStuart Jefferies
0572-GSU-17-U-101817PSA - Initial Agreement for a Student Exchange with Aoyama Gakuin University, TokyoJapanOffice of International InitiativesWolfgang Schlör
0280-GSU-12-U-111317PSA - Amendment to the Revised Collaborative Bachelor’s Degree Program with Southwest Jiaotong University (SWJTU), ChengduChinaCollege of Arts and SciencesEric Gaucher
0080-GSU-05-A-011918PSA - Renewal for a Student and Faculty Exchange Program with Ewha Womans University, SeoulKorea (South)College of Arts and SciencesKim Reimann
0385-GSU-13-U-011918MOC - Renwal with Ewha Womans University, SeoulKorea (South)Office of International InitiativesKim Reimann
0575-GSU-16-N-120816PSA - Initial Agreement for a Collaborative Student Training Program with the Manipal Academy of Higher Education, ManipalIndiaCollege of Nursing and Health ProfessionalsDouglas Gardenhire
0436-GSU-14-E-102217SA - Renewal for a Student, Faculty and Researcher Exchange Program with the University of Jahannesburg, JohannesburgSouth AfricaCollege of Education and Human DevelopmentGwendolyn Benson
0576-GSU-18-U-022718MOC - Initial Agreement with North-West University, PotchefstroomSouth AfricaOffice of International InitiativesKike Ehigiator
0577-GSU-17-E-112417MOC - Initial Agreement with Central University of Technology, BloemfonteinSouth AfricaCollege of Education and Human DevelopmentCatharina Chang
0578-GSU-17-E-112417MOC - Initial Agreement with the Human Sciences Research Council, PretoriaSouth AfricaCollege of Education and Human DevelopmentCatharina Chang
0579-GSU-17-A-121917MOC - Initial Agreement with Cyprus University of Technology, LimassolCyprusCollege of Arts and SciencesLouis Ruprecht
0552-GSU-16-U-091316PSA - Initial Agreement for a Faculty and Researcher Exchange with Universidade Estadual Paulista, Sao PauloBrazilOffice of International InitiativesCassandra White
0554-GSU-15-A-073015PSA - Initial Agreement for a Dual Bachelors Degree and Georgia State Masters Degree Program with Shanghai University of International Business and Economics (SUIBE), ShanghaiChinaCollege of Arts and SciencesGuantao Chen
0559-GSU-17-E-032717PSA - Initial Agreement for a Research Program with the University of Pernambuco, RecifeBrazilCollege of Education and Human DevelopmentJacalyn Lund
0560-GSU-17-A-011017PSA - Initial Agreement for Research and Training in Bachelors and Masters Degree Programs (3+1+2) in Chemistry, Biochemistry or Chemical Biology with Sichuan University, ChengduChinaCollege of Arts and SciencesKris Acheson-Clair
0513-GSU-16-B-030317PSA - Renewal Agreement for a Student Field Study Program with European School of Management and Technology (ESMT) and German Tech Entrepreneurship Center (GTEC), BerlinGermanyRobinson College of BusinessEvaristo Doria
0563-GSU-17-U-012017PSA - Initial Agreement for a Student Exchange with Pusan National University, PusanKorea (South)Office of International InitiativesStephen Murray
0564-GSU-17-A-080217PSA - Initial Agreement for a 3+2 Program with National Chiayi University and its College of Humanities and Arts, ChiayiTaiwanCollege of Arts and SciencesRobert Ambrose
0567-GSU-16-E-102516PSA - Initial Agreement for Universita degli studi di Torino, TorinoItalyCollege of Education and Human DevelopmentJohn Kesner
0564-GSU-17-U-041717MOC - Initial Agreement with Shanghai Jiaotong University (SJTU), ShanghaiChinaOffice of International InitiativesKike Ehigiator
0565-GSU-17-U-051117PSA - Initial Agreement for an Online Associates Degree Student Program with Shanghai Jiaotong University, ShanghaiChinaOffice of International InitiativesKike Ehigiator
0379-GSU-13-U-030718MOC - Amendment to the Cooperation Agreement with Huanghe Science and Technology College, ZhengzhouChinaOffice of International InitiativesWolfgang Schlör
0580-GSU-18-L-020718PSA - Initial Agreement for an LLM Program for Foreign-Trained Lawyers with University of Burgos, BurgosSpainCollege of LawLeila Lawlor
0581-GSU-18-U-013118MOC - Initial Agreement with Chungnam National UniversityKorea (South)Office of International InitiativesWolfgang Schlör
0165-GSU-10-A-022118PSA - Renewal for a Student Exchange Program with University of Strasbourg, ParisFranceCollege of Arts and SciencesJeannie Grussendorf
0582-GSU-18-U-032718MOC - Initial Agreement with University of the Philippines DilimanPhilippinesOffice of International InitiativesKim Reimann
0583-GSU-18-U-030918MOC - Initial Agreement with Nanyang Technological UniversitySingaporeOffice of International InitiativesKim Reimann
0325-GSU-13-O-020518MOC - Renewal with Taipei Medical University, TaipeiTaiwanOffice of International InitiativesWolfgang Schlör
0525-GSU-16-A-092915PSA - Initial Agreement for a Dual PhD Program with Johannes Gutenberg-Universitat Mainz, MainzGermanyCollege of Arts and SciencesReiner Smolinski
0527-GSU-16-N-061716PSA - Initial Agreement for a Collaborative Graduate Student Training Program in Nutrition and Respiratory Therapy with HangZhou Normal University and its School of Medicine, HangzhouChinaCollege of Nursing and Health ProfessionalsHuanbiao Mo