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Travel and Safety Guidance

This guidance is provided to facilitate the flow of information and decision-making with respect to official international travel undertaken by members of the Georgia State University community. To achieve this goal, an International Travel Tracking System (ITTS) has been established.


The main objectives of the ITTS are to:

  • maximize the safety of Georgia State University personnel while traveling to destinations outside of the United States.
  • provide advance notice of travel.
  • track departure, arrival, accommodation, and contact information in the U.S. and abroad.
  • advise travelers of important news such as U.S. State Department travel advisories and warnings, airport closures or incidents and other developments that could impact travel both prior to departure and while in travel status.
  • provide important contact information, such as phone numbers of key Georgia State University personnel, for use in case of an emergency.
  • establish an internal notification system that will provide timely information to Georgia State University officials, relatives of travelers and other relevant authorities of emergency or impending emergency situations.
  • allow university officials a mechanism to contact and assist, to the extent possible, travelers caught in a crisis or emergency situation.

Operational Procedures

To achieve the above objectives, the Office of International Affairs will maintain a university-wide international travel schedule based on input provided by the various academic and administrative units. Travel information can be submitted through the online travel form or by sending an email to oia@gsu.edu.

The following information should be provided:

  • Name of Traveler
  • Name address and telephone number of U.S. contact person
  • Destination
  • Departure date, time, point of embarkation, airline, flight number
  • Arrival date at destination
  • Accommodation information including address and telephone number
  • Name, address and telephone number of local contact person
  • Return travel information

The Deans and Vice Presidents are requested to designate an international travel liaison person. This individual will be responsible for securing information from faculty and staff and transmitting the required international travel information to the Office of International Affairs. This person also will be responsible for maintaining contact with travelers from their unit. Within the colleges, perhaps the logical candidate for this responsibility is the lead international person. In the administrative units, perhaps the person responsible for processing international travel authorizations could perform this function. Please e-mail the names of the international liaisons to John F. Hicks, Associate Provost for International Affairs (jfhicks@gsu.edu).

All international travelers should have university emergency contact numbers in their possession prior to departure. This information will be available from the international travel liaisons, the Office of International Affairs and will be posted on the Office of International Affairs' website. Travelers also should alert the U.S. Embassy or Consulate of their intended presence in the country and have those contact numbers in their possession. As noted above, the international liaison persons will maintain routine contact with travelers from their respective units. However, in case of an emergency or crisis situation, international travelers should seek immediate assistance from authorities such as the U.S. Embassy and the local police. At the earliest opportunity, travelers also should call the Georgia State University Campus Police at 404-413-2100.

In emergency situations, the university will use the Crisis Prevention and Management System currently in place for Georgia State University Study Abroad Programs. Under this system, all calls come into the Campus Police who in turn, contact the Campus Crisis Coordinator, Ms. Leigh Essex Walker, Director, Study Abroad Programs or other designated alternates. The Crisis Coordinator initiates the notification system and helps facilitate appropriate responses or actions by university personnel.

Thank you for your assistance and support in establishing and maintaining this system. As a university, we are committed to continuing our international engagement and to enhancing our participation in the global society. However, as we enter this period of uncertainty and unpredictability, we must do what we can to help ensure the safety of members of the Georgia State University family while traveling beyond the borders of the United States.


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